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We know what you’re thinking…

Is this another brain game personality test gimmick? Another round of questions on what I like and don’t like, another round of math that makes me realize just how much smarter I used to be, another useless result I won’t know what to do with?

At Meseekna, we are as frustrated and bored as you are with those products.  We understand that deep desire to understand yourself- why and how are you the person you are, and what does that mean for your life. Meseekna is the real deal- it’s an evidence based, scientifically validated simulation technology that creates a cognitive scan of you- in particular, your decision making.  Much like Dumbledore, we believe that your choices define who you are and where your life may take you. We use the information from your cognitive scan to help you train to improve and solidify your strengths- it’s instantly actionable.


Blockbuster could have purchased Netflix in 2003.

Will you make the smart choice when it counts?


We choose to offer you…

  1. No gimmicks.  That means none of those “pay to see your results” screens after you’ve invested time in us.

  2. 100% science.  Our product has been tested on over half a million people around the world, it’s validated and proven to improve your functioning.  

  3. An experience you’re excited to share with your friends and colleagues.


Sir Isaac Newton lost $2.3M investing.

Do you play to win?


We know how we are doing what we are doing…


At Meseekna, we develop, design and deploy scientifically validated tools to capture, quantify and improve the nature of individual metacognition.  

Metacognition is the ability of an individual to understand the why and how of their thinking in various situations.  Overwhelming scientific evidence shows that this specific skill set enhances productivity.  Further, the delta between good and optimal performance, satisfying and extraordinary achievement over time is strongly correlated to the mastery of this ability to critically reflect on thinking and decision making.

Learn more about how we train for metacognitive mastery.