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We build tools to help you grow as a leader, thinker, and doer.

At Meseekna, we develop, design and deploy scientifically validated tools to capture, quantify and improve the nature of individual metacognition.  

The Trojans forgot to look a gift horse in the mouth.

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 Metacognition is the ability of an individual to understand the why and how of their thinking in various situations.  

Overwhelming scientific evidence shows that this specific skill set enhances productivity.  Further, the delta between good and optimal performance, satisfying and extraordinary achievement over time is strongly correlated to the mastery of this ability to critically reflect on thinking and decision making.

Russia sold Alaska for two cents an acre.

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We build tools for organizations of all sizes, integrated and dynamic simulations for teams, and a metacognitive analysis platform just for you.


Helping your organization evolve for the future of 21st century complexity.

We build specialized toolkits and platforms for consultants and companies looking to advance their current methods of training, assessment, and evaluation >>

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Turning your teams into a thriving complex adaptive organization.

Building hot teams requires a combination of unleashing individual excellence and facilitating team communication to an unprecedented level. Learn how we do it >>

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Helping you master metacognition and achieve individual excellence.

Our individual training program is a brand new iteration of Meseekna and exists at the cutting edge. Explore membership options and see how you can grow >>