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We help you master stress, take control of your environment, and find comfort in chaos.

Meseekna is a strategic leadership development platform with multidisciplinary roots.

Our technology has been developed and refined for over fifty years and has played a seminal role in academic research on complexity theory, cognitive psychology, organizational behavior, crisis management, and more. 

Kodak invented the digital camera in 1975… and sat on it.

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People perform poorly under stress.

Stress has been repeatedly proven to adversely impact everyone and anyone, from your disrupting your cognitive functioning to your jeopardizing your physical well-being. How do you build up your resilience and stress management skill set without the risks associated with making mistakes in a stress-laden environment?

An organization’s biggest moments are stressful.

The moments that define an organization resemble the moments that define people - events as key turning points, opportunities seized, momentum lost. How you act during these moments will determine your organization’s future. The capability of thriving under stressful circumstances will arguably be one of the most critical contributors to succeeding in 21st century complexity.

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Stressful moments are characterized by VUCAD.

Running training scenarios of big moments is definitely a valuable form of training, but static narratives without real-world complications can’t present the variables that affect your behavior and decision-making in real-time. VUCAD stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity, and Delayed Feedback, the pillars of complexity theory. At Meseekna, you train to manage VUCAD and eventually, thrive in it!

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Alexander Hamilton invented our financial system, but left his family destitute.

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Metacognition is the key to success.

Succeeding at metacognition can be challenging without support, coaching, and a framework for mindful implementation. We believe that metacognitive mastery is the foundation of great decision making. At Meseekna, we build opportunities for talented and inquisitive individuals to train their minds through metacognitive practice.