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Meseekna is for metacognitive mastery.

Metacognitive skills aren’t intuitive - they are built and improved with specialized training. We believe that with metacognitive mastery comes greater productivity, confidence, and a deeper sense of well being.

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Mental activities are like physical exercise - you have to build a habit.

Research indicates that it takes at least three months for strategic management training to begin visibly impacting your real-world functioning.

Once you’ve built the habit, you’ve got to stay in shape.

After mastering the elementary components of complex thinking, you must continue to expand your metacognitive toolkit toward becoming an integrated thinker.

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Once in shape, avoid plateauing at all costs.

As anyone working in a highly competitive industry will tell you, the ability to adapt to evolving technology and trends is crucial for keeping up your professional competitiveness.

Curious about your cognitive complexity?

Get your cognitive fingerprint>>



Previously, getting the right information was the most critical aspect of intelligence.  The more you knew, the more you could shine in different environments. Today, we all have access to plenty of information - the question is, how do we apply it? How do we utilize this knowledge to make great decisions in a complex world?

At Meseekna, we work to improve how you make critical decisions during complex challenges.



The pragmatist membership is for anyone looking for a basic introduction to the world of metacognitive training and excited to invest in their personal development.



The visionary membership is for holistic personal and professional development. With an emphasis on weekly simulation training and advanced measures, it’s a healthy commitment with major real world benefits.


Still curious?

Explore our FAQ>> 


Where does training happen?

In the Meseekna portal, where you can sign up and play a free mini-simulation to get your cognitive fingerprint.

What does the schedule look like?

Your schedule varies depending on your membership program. Both memberships include daily decision-making training that takes you through a complex decision making module. The pragmatist program involves periodic booster exercises to stretch your metacognitive muscles and inspire further strategic and tactical growth. The visionary program involves weekly simulation training for accelerated growth on top of daily modules, as well as optional weekly exercises.

How does Meseekna work?

The individual program exists on a training platform and your membership level will determine your programming. We’re always adding new features and members will be the first to experience various learning innovations that expand your metacognitive toolkit.